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Western CT State University Cheerleading

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University Awards
2001-2002 WCSU Recreational Club of the Year
2003-2004 WCSU Recreational Club of the Year
2008-2009 WCSU Club Sport of the Year
2010-2011 WCSU Club Sport of the Year
2014-2015 WCSU Club Sport of the Year!!
WCSU Leadership Awards
2002 Amy Ballantyne & Kimberly Folli
2003 Amy Ballantyne
2004 Amy Ballantyne & Christie Hull
2005 Stephanie Johr & Christie Hull
2006 Stephanie Johr & Stephanie Nunes
2007 Bridget Roszczewski, Megan Poulsen, & Amanda Augustine
2008 Megan Poulsen, Amanda Augustine, & Taylor Balletto
2009 Amanda Augustine, Dria Mattei, & Amanda Giangregorio
2010 Dria Mattei, & Amanda Giangregorio
2011 Amanda Giangregorio, Samantha Cawley, Merisa Ajazi
2012 Corrine Lursen & Samantha Cawley
2013 Corrine Lursen, Bianca Paolello, Alex Sollazzo
2014 Kayla Bomely & Beth Turley
2015 Ariana Mesaros, Samantha McFarland, Lexie Mercado
2016 Ariana Mesaros, Samantha McFarland, Lexie Mercado
Squad Awards
The 2005 Coaches Award- Tanya Rombilus
The 2005 Colonial Award - Christie Hull
The 2006 Coaches Award- Laura Muller
The 2006 Colonial Award- Stephanie Johr
The 2007 Coaches Award- Erin Burke
The 2007 Colonial Award- Amanda Augustine
The 2008 Coaches Award- Megan Poulsen
The 2008 Colonial Award- Taylor Balletto
The 2009 Coaches Award- Amanda Augustine
The 2009 Colonial Award- Amanda Giangregorio
The 2010 Coaches Award- Kara Doolittle
The 2010 Colonial Award- Corrine Lursen
The 2011 Coaches Award- Amanda Giangregorio
The 2011 Colonial Award- Merisa Ajazi
The 2012 Coaches Award- Becky Pendergast
The 2012 Colonial Award- Samantha Cawley
The 2013 Coaches Award- Chelsea Gauruder
The 2013 Colonial Award- Corrine Lursen

The 2014 Coaches Award- Lexie Mercado
The 2014 Colonial Award- Beth Turley

The 2015 Coaches Award- Emily Harris
The 2015 Colonial Award- Ariana Mesaros

The 2016 Coaches Award- Molly Barnum
The 2016 Colonial Award- Megan Lyon

The Colonial Cheer Award- is voted by the team, this award goes to the squad member who shows spirit, motivation, sportsmanship, displays great leadership skills, has a positive attitude, and has the true qualities of a collegiate cheerleader.
The WCSU Coaches Cheer Award-  is awarded by the coach to a squad member who shows heart, dedication, has a positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond for the strength of the team, and exceeds their own potential.
Sigma Chi Derby Days Champs

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